Nu-Glaze® came about as a frustration-born solution by the owner/innovator, Johan Otto, when he needed an alternative to the failing clay putty caulking and wood beadings on his house's windows. After replacing it for the 3rd time at great costs and hassles, the search was on. The minimum criteria to be met was a hard, tough, but easily workable non-metallic material offering a 45° slope to finish and protect the 90° glass-frame junction.

Crude hand made models to fancy 3D prints and countless hours later, the current profiles ticks all the aimed for boxes and more. Costs & pricing, ease of application, manufacturing, safety and security, versatility and aesthetic appeal were achieved plus some unexpected extras.                                                                                                                                                                          The patenting process was initiated in 2007 and soon all the major international markets were covered. Product development then started with all earnest and in 2010, an investor, Costi Buccimazza, got involved to further the development and facilitate roll-out into the market place. This co-management model works well by combining skills, knowledge and experience. Johan, relying on his B.Sc. knowledge for the technical and development aspects and on 25 years in retail for marketing and sales. Costi, (B.Comm Hons.), added his keen business acumen and financial support.  UV testing and waterproofing tests followed until the product was ready. The first commercial work was done in 2012 on a housing project in KZN, where those windows is still in it's original condition to this day, through conditions ranging from tornadoes to scorching sun.    Also in 2012, a DIY job was done in Langebaan, Western Cape, close the sea and very exposed to the elements, and needless to say, those windows also looks as if done yesterday. Soon, renovation projects in UK, USA, Australia and NZ and locally in South Africa followed, with resounding success. One of the best moments were the use of Nu-Glaze® on an almost 300 year old building in Franschoek, Western Cape. This proved it's original frame preserving feature on heritage buildings.

Through it's Reach & Teach program, Nu-Glaze® actively seeks to empower and launch as many Approved Installers as possible - creating more self reliant business owners rather than creating just mere jobs.   Alongside this approach, we also supply and support the glaziers and building/painting/renovation contractors and companies.


We have developed a range of products making the glazing of steel, wood, concrete and polycrete window and door frames quick and easy, leaving you with an exceptionally neat finish. Nu-Glaze is this new, unique cost saving solution helping architects, specifiers, building consultants, renovators, housing department officials maintenance managers, engineers, contractors and DIY’s enthusiasts alike! Clay putty has been around for hundreds of years and has never been challenged. Clay Putty typically has a short life span, difficult installation and a slow curing rate. Wooden beading also has numerous shortcomings namely rotting, swelling, constant need of maintenance (sanding and painting), which, if not done, will ruin the wood’s warm, natural look and feel. The internationally patented Nu-Glaze® uPVC - with highest possible ultra high anti UV properties - aims to counter these problems and while simultaneously achieve a higher level of safety and security. Nu-Glaze SANS 10400-XA compliance. Nu-Glaze® complies with SANS 613 (SABS and AAAMSA tested), and achieved a A3 rating, A1 being the minimum requirement.


Double glazing as well as additional profiles and sizes are planned and already patented. With the current available solutions, one can glaze with glass from 2mm up to 6,38mm including safety glass and on most available platforms. We also offer custom once off production with the latest technology at our disposal, from producing drawings to 3D prints, to actual product sampling can be facilitated. With the aid of a special construction-grade neutral cure (what does that mean Curing by means of absorbing moisture vs the evaporation of Acetic acid as per Acetoxy products – which can be harmful to the frames) silicone, sealing and adhesion is facilitated in conjunction with a u-clip system for steel windows and a pin down inside corner piece for the wooden window, being the mechanical fastening if needed. We also facilitate training and assist the trainees to develop their own, sustainable business in their communities. See our Reach & Teach section. The company is currently owned and operated by its inventor, who has a passion to see his innovation create a difference in people’s lives, from home owners to installer, contractors, specifiers, retailer and wholesalers.


Our vision is to see every possible home, school, office complex or block of flats with beautiful Nu-Glaze® windows. We foresee entrepreneurs and businesses selling our product with confidence and pride!


Our mission is to continuously build the brand ourselves as an international beacon for innovation, progress and success. We want to utilize and enhance South Africa’s unique and rich environment as a starting point to grow the business locally and internationally.