Range and Distribution


Nu-Glaze® are a specially designed uPVC profiles used in combination of a suitable  adhesive, plus a range of auxiliary products for the glazing of steel, wood, concrete and poly-crete window and door frames for an exceptionally neat finish.  As demand and special needs arise, new profiles are being developed, tested and then added to the range. Constant research and development is key to the Nu-Glaze® philosophy.

Current range

1. S-profile in white, black and dove-grey.

2. The smaller W-profile, in black and white.

3. Silicone/Polyurethane adhesives.

4. Caulking applicator/gun - 300ml + 600ml

5. Miter Cutter

6. Fasteners (U-clips for metal and Inside corners for wood).

Order with these codes

SW4 = S-profile in white for 3-4mm glass.

SBL4 = S-profile in black for 3-4mm glass

SG4 = S-profile in Dove grey for 3-4mm glass

SW7 = S-profile in white for 5-7mm glass

SBL7 = S-profile in black for 5-7mm glass

SG7 = S-profile in dove grey for 5-7mm glass

WW4 = W-profile in white for 3-4mm glass

WBL4 = W-profile in black for 3-4mm glass

Silicones = NG600 C for transparent

Polyurethanes = Pu B for black, Pu W for white or Pu G for grey

Caulking applicators/guns = A300 for 300ml or A600 for 600ml

Miter Cutter = MSX

Inside Corners = ICC for transparent, ICW for white

U-Clips = SUW100, only in white


Please note - All the profile's frontal "triangular legs" can be snapped off and used as a quarter "flat" beading if just the exterior putty needs to be replaced. Or if one needs to install a double glazing unit on an accommodating frame and just want to finish off the resulting/exterior 90° glass-frame junction. This feature offers any configuration in a wide range of applications. Sales to UK, USA, NZ, Australia, France, and various countries across the globe proved the universally application potential.  Heritage windows can be re-glazed without influencing the heritage status, whilst protecting the often fragile rebate against decay and leaks.

On the S-profile (S4 and S7) the frontal beading measures about 12 x 12mm after snap-off and on the W-profile this frontal beading measures about 10x10mm.


We are South African based and distributes both locally and export internationally.

Our Customers

Being CSD registered, we are supplying Department of Public Works (Correctional services, Schools, Hospitals and Defense Force facilities Maintenance departments). The Department of Housing through the private sector, also enjoys the benefits of Nu-Glaze®.

Architects, quantity surveyors, specifiers, building consultants, renovators, body corporate officials, property maintenance managers, engineers, contractors, glaziers and DIY’s enthusiasts uses Nu-Glaze® to add value to their projects.

Who else will benefit 

Steel window manufacturers has found an increase in sales due to the aesthetics, now, steel windows can compete with Aluminum in appearance. The added benefit of the SANS 613 compliance plus the low-to-no maintenance renders steel fenestration as a very viable option again.

Flat glass sales also increased due to the viability to up-cycle the old steel-putty-thin glass combination to renovated steel, modern glass solutions and the Nu-Glaze® system. This combination makes for technically advanced options, whilst maintaining the thin(yet strong) sight line fenestration so characteristic of steel frames.

Returns Policy 

Please choose carefully. We do not give refunds if you simply change your mind or made the wrong decision. In the event that the products are faulty, wrongly described, or materially different from the sample shown to you, you will be entitled to a repair or exchange provided that you retained your receipt as proof of purchase and that such complaint is submitted either per registered mail or electronic mail within 6 months of purchase. Contents must be returned in it's original, undamaged packaging. We do not except any damaged goods, however slight.  A handling fee determined per situation will apply at all times. Our Terms and Conditions are available on request.