Why Nu-Glaze®


Clay putty has been around for hundreds of years and although it has a relative short life span, messy installation and a slow curing rate, it has never been challenged, mainly due to the supposedly low costs. The amorphous nature of putty causes it to crumble in any and all directions, making it impossible to do any repair work once it starts to fail. If properly painted within a few weeks, putty can last a bit longer, but that and subsequent maintenance rarely happens, with obvious results. In order to paint in a shorter time, some contractors adds too much hardener or even cement to effect faster curing, which causes premature cracking and failure and by the time the putty starts to fail, he/she is gone with your money. The initially low costs is quickly eroded by the repeated replacement costs and high safety and security risks. For some reason, birds remove/peck at the clay or silicone gaskets, causing damage - once again, Nu-Glaze® profiles were the solution. Uncured putty is also easily and noiselessly removed by burglars. See attached press clippings. Wooden beading also has numerous shortcomings. Rotting, swelling and a constant need of maintenance (sanding and painting), which, if not done, causes failure as well. It can also be easily removed by burglars for easy access to your home. By renovating the existing frames without the mess, inconvenience and high costs of replacements, Nu-Glaze® also offer an alternative to Aluminium systems. Renovators of heritage buildings are often restricted to remove the existing frames, so instead of resorting to the same problematic glazing, Nu-Glaze® can be used to brilliant effect and with considerable cost and effort savings effect.

In this news article from the Weslander, it explains how a nursery school was burgled twice in 2 weeks as well as a burglaries at a primary school. The primary school incident describes how the burglars removed window putty that hadn't properly set & gained access to a classroom, getting away with electrical equipment valued at R10 000.00.

In the second news article from the Weslander, it explains how burglars gained access by removing a window on an aluminium window frame. These windows are often held in place by a rubber band which if removed one can easily take the glass pane out. Some instances reported even take place while owners are in their homes sleeping.


We have added a few additional articles below which describe similar methods how burglars gain entry to houses & buildings by removing window putty & windows. Feel free to click on the links which will take you to external web pages.

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